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An alphabetical listing of directors may be found here.



Two or Three Things I Know About Her (Godard)
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Mungiu)
8 1/2 (Fellini)
Seven Beauties (Wertmüller)
Seven Samurai (A. Kurosawa)
The Seventh Continent (Haneke)
The Seventh Day (Saura)
Ten Skies (Benning)
13 Lakes (Benning)
24 City (Jia)
Twenty-Four Eyes (Kinoshita)
Twentynine Palms (Dumont)
36 Quai des Orfèvres (Marchal)
36 Views of Saint-Loup Peak (Rivette)
The 47 Ronin (Mizoguchi)
The Eighties (Akerman)
52 Sundays (Soler)
The 400 Blows (Truffaut)
1001 Films (Delvaux)
2046 (Wong)



Aakrosh (Nihalani)
About Baghdad (Antoon)
Abraham's Valley (de Oliveira)
Accident (Cheang)
The Accursed Mazurka (Fonoroff)
Acto da Primavera (de Oliveira)
An Actor's Revenge (Ichikawa)
The Adversary (Ray)
Adynata (Thornton)
Africa, I Will Fleece You (Téno)
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan: Hybrid (Rainer)
After Life (Kore-eda)
Aguirre, The Wrath of God (Herzog)
Ain't Scared (Estrougo)
Air Doll (Kore-eda)
À la recherche du lieu de ma naissance (Lehman)
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light (Hockenhull)
O Aleijadinho (de Andrade)
Alexandra (Sokurov)
Alfred Deller: Portrait of a Voice (Jacquot)
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Fassbinder)
All About Darfur (Elsanhouri)
Al'leessi...An African Actress (Rahmatou Keita)
All Is Forgiven (Hansen-Løve)
All Is Well at the Border (Zaatari)
All the Fine Promises (Civeyrac)
Almanac of Fall (Tarr)
Almadrabas (Velo and Mantilla)
Alphaville (Godard)
Amal (Ali Benkirane)
Ambitious (Corsini)
America Is Waiting (Connor)

L'Amour existe (Pialat)
And Life Goes On... (Kiarostami)
Andrei Rublev (Tarkovsky)
Les Années déclic (Depardon)
L'Ange (Bokanowski)
Ankur (Benegal)
Anton Webern (Knauff)
Antonio Gaudi (Teshigahara)
Aparajito (Ray)
L'Appartement (Mimouni)
Applause (Zandvliet)
The Apple (Kulbaev)
Apur Sansar (Ray)
The Apu Trilogy (Ray)
L'Arbre mort (Morder)
The Archimedes Principle (Herrero)
L'Argent (Bresson)
Ariel (Kaurismäki)
Army (Kinoshita)
Around a Small Mountain (Rivette)
L'Arrivée (Tscherkassky)
The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time (Kluge)
As Tears Go By (Wong)
The Astronomer's Dream (Gehr)
Atraksion (Servais)
Au Hasard Balthazar (Bresson)
Au Revoir les Enfants (Malle)
An Autumn Afternoon (Ozu)
Autumn Sonata (Bergman)
Avenge But One of My Two Eyes (Mograbi)
¡Ay, Carmela! (Saura)



The Back of the World (Corcuera)
La Baie des anges (Bay of Angels) (Demy)
The Ball at Anjo House (Yoshimura)
The Ballad of Narayama (Imamura)
The Ballad of Narayama (Kinoshita)
Bamako (Sissako)
Barcelona (A Map) (Hermoso)
Battle in Heaven (Reygadas)
Basque Ball (Medem)
The Beaches of Agnès (Varda)
The Bed You Sleep In (Jost)
The Beekeeper (Angelopoulos)
Before I Forget (Nolot)
Behave (Ramos)
Bellamy (Chabrol)
Bell Diamond (Jost)
Belle de Jour (Buñuel)
La Belle noiseuse (Rivette)
Belle Toujours (Oliveira)
Beneath Her Window (Pevec)
Benny's Video (Haneke)
Berlin Alexanderplatz (Fassbinder)
Best of Youth (Giordana)
Between Two Wars (Farocki)
Bintou (Nacro)
Bicycle Thieves (de Sica)
Il Bidone (Fellini)
The Big City (Ray)
The Big Picture (Lartigau)
The Big Stick/An Old Reel (Levine)
The Birth of Love (Garrel)
Black Gold (Francis)
Black Rain (Imamura)
Black Sushi (Blumberg)
Blame It On Fidel (Gavras)
La Blessure (Klotz)
Blind Chance (Kieslowski)
The Blind Director (Kluge)
Block-C (Demirkubuz)
Blowup (Antonioni)
Blood Wedding (Saura)
Blue (Three Colors: Blue) (Kieslowski)
The Blue Angel (von Sternberg)
Bluebeard (Breillat)
The Blue Kite (Tian)
Bob le Flambeur (Melville)
Bokuto Kidan (Shindo)
Le Bonheur (Varda)
Au bord du lac (Bokanowski)
Born into Brothels (Briski and Kauffman)
Born into Struggle (Desai)
Borom Sarret (Sembene)
Le Boucher (Chabrol)
Bouquets 1-10 (Lowder)
Boy (Oshima)
The Boys of Baraka (Ewing and Grady)
The Boy Who Sold His Pigeon (Oshima)
The Boys from Fengkuei (Hou)
Brasilia, Contradictions of a New City (de Andrade)
Brass Unbound (van der Keuken)
Brave Men (Winspeare)
The Bridesmaid (Chabrol)
A Brighter Summer Day (Yang)
Bright Future (K. Kurosawa)
Broken Embraces (Almodóvar)
Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family (Ozu)
Bubble (Soderbergh)
Bucharest, Memory Lost (Solé)
Building Heaven, Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen Architect (Hockenhull)
Buildings and Grounds: The Angst Archive (Kobland)
Bullet in the Head (Rosales)
The Burmese Harp (Ichikawa)



Caché (Haneke)
Café Lumière (Hou)
Calcutta 71 (Sen)
Calendar (Egoyan)
Camden 28 (Giacchino)
Camp de Thiaroye (Sembène and Sow)
Capote (Miller)
La Captive (Akerman)
Captive of the Desert (Depardon)
Cardiogram (Omirbaev)
Carmen (Saura)
Carmen Comes Home (Kinoshita)
Carnival Sunday (Neville)
Casa de Lava (Costa)
The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator (Makavejev)
The Case Is Closed (Sen)
Casual Day (Lemcke)
Ce jour-là (Ruiz)
La Ceremonie (Chabrol)
The Ceremony (Oshima)
Un Certain Matin (Nacro)
Change of Plans (Thompson)
Le Chant du Styrène (Resnais)
Chaotic Ana (Medem)
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Richardson)
Charisma (K. Kurosawa)
Charles, Dead or Alive (Tanner)
Charulata (Ray)
The Chaser (Na)
Chasing Butterflies (Iosseliani)
Chef! (Téno)
La Chienne (Renoir)
Children in the Wind (Shimizu)
Children of Hiroshima (Shindo)
China's Stolen Children (Neumann)
Les Choses de la vie (Sautet)
A Christmas Tale (Desplechin)
Chromophobia (Servais)
Chouchou (Allouache)
Chouga (Omirbaev)
Christ Stopped at Eboli (Rosi)
El cielo gira (Álvarez)
The CinemaScope Trilogy (Tscherkassky)
The Citizen (Ghatak)
The City of Photographers (Moreno Mardones)
Clean (Assayas)
Climates (Ceylan)
Close-Up (Kiarostami)
The Cloud-Capped Star (Ghatak)
Clouds Over Conakry (Camara)
Code Inconnu (Haneke)
Le Cochon (Eustache)
Un Coeur en hiver (Sautet)
Coeurs (Resnais)
The Collector (Gehr)
The Colonial Friend (Bouchareb)
The Colonial Misunderstanding (Téno)
The Color of Pomegranates (Paradjanov)
Colossal Youth (Costa)
Compadre (Wiström)
Company Limited (Ray)
Concurs (Pita)
Los Condenados (Lacuesta)
The Confession (Demirkubuz)
En Construcción (Guerín)
Contestant (Cortes)
Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon (Matabane)
Copy Shop (Widrich)
The Corporation (Achbar and Abbott)
Correspondences (Green)
The Corridor (Bartas)
Cravan vs. Cravan (Lacuesta)
Crazy for You (Zaatari)
Cría Cuervos (Saura)
Cries and Whispers (Bergman)
Crime Novel (Placido)
The Crime of Monsieur Lange (Renoir)
The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (Buñuel)
Crucified Lovers (Mizoguchi)
Cruel Story of Youth (Oshima)
The Cuckoo (Rogozhkin)
Cure (K. Kurosawa)
The Cyclist (Makhmalbaf)
Cyclo (Tran)



D'Est (Akerman)
La Dama Boba (Iborra)
Damage (Malle)
Damnation (Tarr)
Dance in the Rain (Hladnik)
Dark City (Proyas)
Dark Habits (Almodóvar)
Dark Night of the Soul (Vithanage)
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well (Hong)
Day of Wrath (Dreyer)
Days in the Country (Ruiz)
Days of '36 (Angelopoulos)
Days of August (Recha)
Days of Eclipse (Sokurov)
Days of Youth (Ozu)
The Day the Sun Turned Cold (Yim)
Days of Being Wild (Wong)
Deadline (Chevigny and Johnson)
Death by Hanging (Oshima)
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Puiu)
Death of Two Sons (Schaffer)
Death on a Full Moon Day (Vithanage)
Debt (Krauze)
Decalogue (Kieslowski)
Deep in the Woods (Jacquot)
Dèjeuner du matin (Bokanowski)
Delwende (Yameogo)
demonlover (Assayas)
Demon Lover Diary (DeMott)
Deprisa, Deprisa (Saura)
Dersu Uzala (A. Kurosawa)
Destiny (Demirkubuz)
Deux (Schroeter)
Devi (Ray)
Diary (Perlov)
The Diary of a Country Priest (Bresson)
Dichtung und Wahrheit (Kubelka)
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Buñuel)
Distance (Kore-eda)
Distant (Ceylan)
Distant Thunder (Ray)
Dmitri Shostakovich: Viola Sonata (Sokurov)
Dogs' Dialogue (Ruiz)
Dogtooth (Lanthimos)
Dogville (von Trier)
Dolce (Sokurov)
La Dolce Vita (Fellini)
Don't Look Out the Window (Caranfil)
The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski)
Dream of Light (Erice)
Dream Work (Tscherkassky)
Drifting Clouds (Kaurismäki)
The Duchess of Langeais (Rivette)
Durian Durian (Chan)
Dust in the Wind (Hou)



Early Spring (Ozu)
Early Summer (Ozu)
Eccentricities of a Blond Hair Girl (de Oliveira)
Ecrire (Jacquot)
Eden Is West (Costa-Gavras)
The Education of Fairies (Cuerda)
The Education of Shelby Knox (Lipschutz and Rosenblatt)
The Eighties (Akerman)
Ek Din Pratidin (Sen)
Él (Buñuel)
El Dorado (L'Herbier)
Elegy of a Voyage (Sokurov)
Elephant (Van Sant)
Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani? (Aoyama)
Elisa, My Love (Saura)
Elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights... (Garrel)
Elsewhere (Gayrhalter)
Elvire-Jouvet 40 (Jacquot)
The Embassy (Marker)
Embracing (Kawase)
Empty Quarter: A Woman in Africa (Depardon)
Enemies of Happiness (Mulvad and Al-Erhayem)
L'Enfance nue (Pialat)
L'Enfant (Dardenne)
L'Enfer (Tanovic)
Eniaios IV "Nefeli Photos" Reel 2 (Markopoulos)
Enjo (Ichikawa)
The Enjoyment of Reading, Lost and Found (Gatten)
The Entertainer (Richardson)
Equinox Flower (Ozu)
Eroica (Munk)
Eros (Wong, Soderbergh, Antonioni)
Eros Plus Massacre (Yoshida)
Esther (Gitai)
Eternity and a Day (Angelopoulos)
Europa 51 (Rossellini)
Evening Sacrifice (Sokurov)
Everlasting Regret (Kwan)
Every Evening Freedom (Kalin)
Every Night's Dreams (Naruse)
Everyone Else (Ade)
The Exterminating Angel (Buñuel)
Exterminating Angels (Brisseau)
The Eye of the Mask (Fonoroff)
The Eye Above the Well (van der Keuken)
Eyes Without a Face (Franju)



Faat Kiné (Sembene)
Face Caught in the Dark (Gioli)
The Face of Another (Teshigahara)
Faces (Cassavetes)
Falling (Albert)
Falling from Earth (Zeneddine)
The False Note (Servais)
Fantômes (Civeyrac)
Fargo (Coen)
Fast Film (Widrich)
Fate (Demirkubuz)
The Feelings Factory (Moutout)
La Femme qui se poudre (Bokanowski)
Few of Us (Bartas)
Fiction (Gay)
Field for Men (Lumbreras and Lisa)
The Fighting Spirit (Amponsah)
Film About a Woman Who... (Rainer)
Filmarilyn (Gioli)
Fire Festival (Himatsuri) (Yanagimachi)
Fires on the Plain (Ichikawa)
The Fire Within (Malle)
Fists in the Pocket (Bellocchio)
Flanders (Dumont)
The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (Ozu)

The Flight of the Red Balloon (Hou)
Floating Clouds (Naruse)
Floating Weeds (Ozu)
The Flower of Evil (Chabrol)
The Flowers of Shanghai (Hou)
The Flowers of St. Francis (Rossellini)
Flowing (Naruse)
The Fly-Up (Sarulu)
The Forest for the Trees (Mellis)
Forgiveness (Gabriel)
Form Phases #4 (Breer)
The Forsaken Land (Jayasundara)
Four Nights of a Dreamer (Bresson)
Four NIghts with Anna (Skolimowski)
The Fourth Dimension (Trinh)
Le Franc (Mambéty)
Free Radicals (Albert)
From One Film to Another (Lelouch)
From the Branches Drops the Withered Blossom (Meyer)
From the East (Akerman)
From the Life of Marionettes (Bergman)
From the Other Side (Akerman)
The Frontier of Dawn (Garrel)
Fuji (Breer)



Gambling, Gods and LSD (Mettler)
Ganeden (Lemaître)
The Garden of Delights (Saura)
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (de Sica)
Gardens in Autumn (Iosseliani)
Garrincha, Joy of the People (de Andrade)
Gbanga-Tita (Knauff)
A Geisha (Mizoguchi)
Genealogies of a Crime (Ruiz)
Genèse d'un repas (Moullet)
Genesis (Sen)
Gentille (Fillières)
A Gentle Woman (Bresson)
Germany, Year Zero (Rossellini)
Gertrud (Dreyer)
Ghost Town (Zhao)
The Girl from Monaco (Fontaine)
The Girl on the Bridge (P. Leconte)
Go Go Tales (Ferrara)
Goldframe (Servais)
The Go Master (Tian)
Goodbye Again (Litvak)
Goodbye Dragon Inn (Tsai)
Good Cats (Ying)
Grand école (Solis)
The Great Art of Knowing (Gatten)
Grey Souls (Angelo)
Goodbye South, Goodbye (Hou)
Good Men, Good Women (Hou)
Good Morning (Ozu)
Good Morning, Night (Bellocchio)
La Grande Illusion (Renoir)
The Green Room (Truffaut)
Growing Stronger (Dangarembga)
The Growth of the Soil (Sommerfeldt)
Il Grido (Antonioni)
A Grin Without a Cat (Marker)
The Guard (Aidkuluev)
La Guerre est finie (Resnais)
Guernica (Resnais)



Hamlet Goes Business (Kaurismäki)
Happy Here and Now (Almereyda)
Happy Parallel (Ripoli i Freixes and Ramon)
Harakiri (Kobayashi)
Harpya (Servais)
The Headless Woman (Martel)
Hear My Cry (Drygas)
Heartbeat Detector (Klotz)
Hélas pour moi (Godard)
A Hen in the Wind (Ozu)
Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno (Bromberg and Medrea)
Henry IV (Bellocchio)
Les Herbes folles (Resnais)
The Hero (Gamboa)
Hide (Girardet and Müller)
Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Delights (Eustache)
High and Low (A. Kurosawa)
Himatsuri (Fire Festival) (Yanagimachi)
Hiroshima mon amour (Resnais)
The Hole (Tsai)
The Holy Girl (Martel)
The Holy Innocents (Camus)
Un Homme sans l'occident (Depardon)
Honor de Cavallería (Serra)
Hop (Standaert)
Horizontal Boundaries (O'Neill)
The Host (Bong)
Hotel of Dreams (Jensen)
The House of 72 Tenants (Chu)
House of Flying Daggers (Zhang)
Housewarming (Roüan)
How I Got Into an Argument... (My Sex Life) (Desplechin)
How to Fix the World (Goss)
H story (Suwa)
The Human Condition (Kobayashi)
Humanity and Paper Balloons (Yamanaka)
A Humble Life (Sokurov)
The Hunt (Lochen)
The Hunt (Saura)
The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting (Ruiz)



I Am (Kedzierzawska)
I Am Alive (Gentili)
I Am Love (Guadagnino)
I Can't Sleep (Denis)
Idle Running (Burger)
I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (Lartigau)
I Flunked But... (Ozu)
I Graduated But... (Ozu)
I Just Didn't Do It (Suo)
Ikiru (A. Kurosawa)
Illumination (Zanussi)
Illustrious Corpses (Rosi)
I ♥ $ / I Love Dollar (van der Keuken)
Images Disturbed by an Intense Parasite (Gioli)
Images of the World and the Inscription of War (Farocki)
I'm Not There (Haynes)
In a Year of 13 Moons (Fassbinder)
Independencia (Martin)
India Song (Duras)
Inextinguishable Fire (Farocki)
Inland Empire (Lynch)
In Loving Memory (Todd)
Innisfree (Guerín)
Innocence (Demirkubuz)
In Search of Famine (Sen)
The Insect Woman (Imamura)
Insiang (Brocka)
Intentions of Murder (Imamura)
In the City of Sylvia (Guerín)
In the Land of the Deaf (Philibert)
In the Mood for Love (Wong)
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (Chu)
L'Intrus (Denis)
In Vanda's Room (Costa)
Iraq in Fragments (Longley)
Iran Veiled Appearances (Michel)
I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed (Le Péron)
The Island (Shindo)
Isolation (O'Brien)
I, The Worst of All (Bemberg)
It's Hard Being Loved by Jerks (D. Leconte)
Ivan's Childhood (Tarkovsky)
I Was Born But... (Ozu)



Jacques Lacan's Psychoanalysis Part One (Jacquot)
Jalsaghar (Satyajit Ray)
Japanese Girls at the Harbor (Shimizu)
A Japanese Tragedy (Kinoshita)
Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (Akerman)
Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet at Work... (Farocki)
Je t'aime, je t'aime (Resnais)
Je tu il elle (Akerman)
Jiyan (Rosebiani)
Le Joli mai (Marker)
Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 (Tanner)
Journeys from Berlin (Rainer)
Joy Division (Gee)
Jukti Takko aar Gappo (Ghatak)
Jules and Jim (Truffaut)
July (Omirbaev)
Justice (Ramos)
Juvies (Neale)



Kagamijishi (Ozu)
Kagi (The Key) (Ichikawa)
Kanikosen (Sabu)
Kapurush-o-Mahapurush (Ray)
Kardiogramma (Omirbaev)
Katatsumori (Kawase)
Katzelmacher (Fassbinder)
Keane (Kerrigan)
Keepers of Memory (Kabera)
Keita, The Heritage of the Griot (Kouyaté)
Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (Chuan)
Kes (Loach)
Kharij (Sen)
Khandahar (Sen)
Killer (Omirbaev)
Kinatay (Mendoza)
Kinetta (Lanthimos)
Kings and Queen (Desplechin)
Kissed by Winter (Johnsen)
Kitchen (Yim)
The Kite (Chahal-Sabbag)
Klinkaart (Meyer)
Konaté's Gift (Nacro)
The Koumiko Mystery (Marker)
Kuroneko (Shindo)



Lady Nitwit (Iborra)
A Lake (Un Lac) (Grandrieux)
Land of Madness (Moullet)
Landscape After the Battle (Wajda)
Landscape in the Mist (Angelopoulos)
The Last Bolshevik (Marker)
Last Life in the Universe (Ratanaruang)
The Last Mistress (Breillat)
The Last Mitterrand (Guédiguian)
A Last Note (Shindo)
The Last Stop (Aidkuluev)
Last Train Home (Fan)
Last Year at Marienbad (Resnais)
Late Autumn (Ozu)
Late Chrysanthemums (Naruse)
Late Spring (Ozu)
Leaves from Satan's Book (Dreyer)
The Legend of Suram Fortress (Paradjanov)
The Legend of Time (Lacuesta)
Less Dead Than the Others (Buyens and Chagoll)
Let It Rain (Jaoui)
Let's Dance! (Lvovsky)
The Letter: An American Town and the 'Somali Invasion' (Hamzeh)
Letter from Siberia (Marker)
Level Five (Marker)
The Liberace of Baghdad (McAllister)
Life and Nothing More... (Kiarostami)
Life as a Fatal Sexual Transmitted Disease (Zanussi)
Life During Wartime (Solondz)
Life of Oharu (Mizoguchi)
Life on the Tracks (Carolino)

Lights of Asakusa (Shimazu)
Le Lit de la vierge (Garrel)
Little Cheung (Chan)
The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun (Mambéty)
Little Senegal (Bouchareb)
The Little White Girl Had to Bow Her Head for Emperor Hirohito (Buyens and Chagoll)
Liverpool (Alonso)
Living Rights (Tellegen)
Local Call (Joffé)
Lock-Out (Padrós)
Lola, La Película (Hermoso)
Lola Montès (Ophüls)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Richardson)
The Longest Summer (Chan)
The Long Falling (Provost)
Longing (Grisebach)
Long Journey to the Rage (Soler)
Look Back in Anger (Richardson)
Los Angeles Plays Itself (Andersen)
The Lost Domain (Ruiz)
Lost, Lost, Lost (Mekas)
Louis René des Fôrets (Jacquot)
Love and Anarchy (Wertmüller)
Love Exists (Pialat)
Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Medem)
Love Songs (Honoré)
Love Streams (Cassavetes)
Love, the Magician (Saura)
Love Torn in Dream (Ruiz)
La Lunga Ombra (Jost)



Maborosi (Kore-eda)
Macunaíma (de Andrade)
Made in Hong Kong (Chan)
Madeinusa (Llosa)
Mafioso (Lattuada)
The Magic Gloves (Rejtman)
The Magicians (Cabeza and Riambau)
Mahanagar (Ray)
The Maidens' Conspiracy (Aranda)
The Makioka Sisters (Ichikawa)
Mama Put (Somolu)
Mama Turns 100 Years Old (Saura)
Ma Mère (Honoré)
A Man Escaped (Bresson)
Manufactured Landscapes (Baichwal)
A Man Vanishes (Imamura)
Mansion By the Lake (Peries)
The Man Who Envied Women (Rainer)
The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short (Delvaux)
The Man Who Left His Will on Film (Oshima)
The Man Without a Past (Kaurismäki)
Man of Marble (Wajda)
Man on the Tracks (Munk)
The Man Who Loved Haugesund (Haukeland and Vollan)
Marathon (Naderi)
Mardi Gras: Made in China (Redmon)
Maria (Netzer)
Marie Antoinette (S. Coppola)
Mariya (Sokurov)
Ma Saison Préferée (Techine)
The Mask (van der Keuken)
The Master of Apipucos (de Andrade)
Master of the House (Dreyer)
Matador (Almódovar)
The Match Factory Girl (Kaurismäki)
The Marriage of Maria Braun (Fassbinder)
Max and Mona (Mattera)
Me and My Sister (Leclère)
Me and My White Pal (Yameogo)
Memories (Jeonju Digital Project) (Farocki, Costa and Green)
Meokgo and the Stick Fighter (Mahlatsi)
Merce Cunningham and Co. (Jacquot)
The Merchant of Four Seasons (Fassbinder)
Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren)
Mes petites amoureuses (Eustache)
Michelangelo Eye to Eye (Antonioni)
The Middleman (Ray)
Min Yè (Cissé)
Mirror (Girardet and Müller)
Mirror (Tarkovsky)
Mix-Up (Romand)
Monsieur Hire (P. Leconte)
Moolaadé (Sembene)
Montparnasse 19 (Becker)
Moroccan Romance (Velo and Domínguez Rodiño)
Morphia (Balabanov)
The Mortal Storm (Borzage)
Le Mort de jeune aviateur anglais (Jacquot)
Moscow Elegy (Sokurov)
Mosiak im Vertrauen (Kubelka)
Mother (Bong)
Mother (Naruse)
Mother and Son (Sokurov)
The Mother and the Whore (Eustache)
Mother Joan of Angels (Kawalerowicz)
Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven (Fassbinder)
Mother's Day (Dangarembga)
Mouchette (Bresson)
La Moustache (Carrère)
Moxon's Mechanick Exercises (Gatten)
Los Muertos (Alonso)
The Munekata Sisters (Ozu)
The Murderers are Among Us (Staudte)
Muriel (Resnais)
The Music Room (Ray)
Mutter (Gimes)
My Brother Silk Road (Sarulu)
My Life to Live (Godard)
My Lost House (Al-Mahouti)
My Mother's Smile (Bellocchio)
My Night at Maud's (Rohmer)
My Terrorist (Cohen Gerstel)
The Mystery of Ferns (Malikov)
The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser (Herzog)



Naked (Leigh)
Naked Island (Shindo)
Nakes Spaces: Living is Round (Trinh)
Narayama Bushiko (Imamura)
Narayama Bushiko (Kinoshita)
Nargess (Bani-Etemad)
Nathalie Granger (Duras)
Ne Change Rien (Costa)
Nenette and Boni (Denis)
The Neighbor's Wife and Mine (Gosho)
Ne quittez pas! (Joffé)
New Left Note (Levine)
News from Home (Akerman)
New York Lantern (Gehr)
Next of Kin (Egoyan)
Night and Day (Hong)
Night and Fog (Resnais)
Night and Fog in Japan (Oshima)
Nights of Cabiria (Fellini)
Night Train (Kawalerowicz)

Nina's Tragedies (Gabizon)
Nine Lives (Skouen)
Nocturnal Butterflies (Servais)
No Fear, No Die (Denis)
Nombres et Neurones (Jacquot)
No More Tears Sister: Anatomy of Hope and Betrayal (Klodawsky)
No, or the Vain Glory of Command (Oliveira)
Nordrand (Albert)
No Rest for the Brave (Guiraudie)
Novel City (Thornton)
Nostalghia (Tarkovsky)
Not on the Lips (Resnais)
Note to Pati (Levine)
Note to Coleen (Levine)
Note to Poli (Levine)
Not Reconciled (Straub and Huillet)
Noura's Summer (Tessaud)
Nucingen House (Ruiz)
Numéro Zéro (Eustache)
The Nun (Rivette)



Oasis (Lee)
That Obscure Object of Desire (Buñuel)
Occident (Mungiu)
Occupation: Dreamland (Scott and Olds)
Odd Obsession (Ichikawa)
Offside (Panahi)
Oh! Soo-jung (Hong)
Okasan (Naruse)
Olivier, Olivier (Holland)
Omagh (Travis)
Onibaba (Shindo)
On Line Rendez-Vous (Roamba)
The Only Son (Ozu)
On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time (Debord)
Open City (Rossellini)
Operation X-70 (Servais)
Ordet (Dreyer)
Oriental Elegy (Sokurov)
Orienteering (Pita)
Ornamental Hairpin (Shimizu)
O Sangue (Costa)
The Other Half (Ying)
Oui non (Jost)
Our Daily Bread (Geyrhalter)
Our Imprudent Wars (Sabag)
Our Neighbor Miss Yae (Shimazu)
Outer Space (Tscherkassky)
Osaka Elegy (Mizoguchi)
The Overcoat (Lattuada)



The Page Turner (Dercourt)
Pain Is... (Dwoskin)
Pan's Labyrinth (del Toro)
Paper Planes (Klopcic)
Paper Route (Frank)
The Paper Will Be Blue (Muntean)
Paprika (Satoshi)
Paradise (Almereyda)
Paranoid Park (Van Sant)
Le Parfum d'Yvonne (P. Leconte)
Paria (Klotz)
The Parson's Widow (Dreyer)
Passage (Gehr)
Passing Fancy (Ozu)
The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dreyer)
Pather Panchali (Ray)
Pauline at the Beach (Rohmer)
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (Jhally and Ratzkoff)
Peep "TV" Show (Tsuchiya)
Pegasus (Servais)
La Peine perdue de Jean Eustache (Díez)
Peppermint Candy (Lee)
Peppermint Frappé (Saura)
Perfect Life (Tang)
The Perforated Operator (Gioli)
Permission to Remember (Zaretsky)
Persecution (Chéreau)
Persona (Bergman)
Persons of Interest (Maclean and Pearse)
Petersburg Elegy (Sokurov)
Le Petit Lieutenant (Beauvois)
Les Petites Couleurs (Plattner)

The Phantom Museum (Quay)
Les Photos d'Alix (Eustache)
Pickpocket (Bresson)
Pigs and Battleships (Imamura)
Pitcher of Colored Light (Beavers)
The Pitfall (Teshigahara)
La Plage (Bokanowski)
Platform (Jia)
Playing "In the Company of Men" (Desplechin)
Play It As It Lays (Perry)
The Poet of the Castle (de Andrade)
Poetry (Lee)
Poison (Petitto, Pizianti, and Pulcini)
Poison Friends (Bourdieu)
Police, Adjective (Porumboiu)
Le Pont des Arts (Green)
Le Pont du Nord (Rivette)
The Pope's Toilet (Charlone and Fernández)
The Pornographers (Imamura)
Pornography (Kolski)
The Power of Emotion (Kluge)
The Power of Kangwon Province (Hong)
Precarious Garden (Gehr)
The President (Dreyer)
Pretend (Talen)
The Priest and the Girl (de Andrade)
Princess Marie (Jacquot)
Private (Costanzo)
Private Fears in Public Places (Resnais)
Privilege (Rainer)
The Prodigal Son (Orderson)
Project Kashmir (Kheshgi and Patel)
La Promesse (Dardenne)
The Promised Land (Wajda)
Public Lighting (Hoolboom)
Pudor (Ulloa and Ulloa)
Puknini (Nacro)
Pulse (K. Kurosawa)
Purple Noon (Clement)



Quando l'occhio trema (Gioli)
The Quince Tree Sun (Erice)
Quartier Mozart (Bekolo)
The Queen (Frears)

Quem és tu? (Botelho)
La Question humaine (Klotz)
Quiproquo (Lowder)
Quixotic (Serra)



The Rabbit Hunters (Costa)
Racines (Copans)
Raft of the Medusa (Godina)
Raid on the Bergen Express (Krafft)
The Railroad All-Stars (Rodriguez)
Ran (A. Kurosawa)
Rakuyoju (Shindo)
Rated-R (Ayaso and Sabroso)
Ready To Wear Imm Ali (El-Horr)
Reason, Debate and a Story (Ghatak)
Reassemblage (Trinh)
Rebels of the Neon God (Tsai)
Reconstruction (Angelopoulos)
Record of a Tenement Gentleman (Ozu)
Red (Three Colors: Red) (Kieslowski)
Red Chewing Gum (Zaatari)
Red Desert (Antonioni)
Red Dust (Yim)
The Red Squirrel (Medem)
Regular Lovers (Garrel)
La Religieuse (Rivette)
Remembrance of Things to Come (Marker)
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (Mekas)
Les Rendez-vous d'Anna (Akerman)
Respite (Farocki)

Retribution (K. Kurosawa)
The Return of the Banished (Ursianu)
Le Révélateur (Garrel)
Revenge (Shinarbaev)
Rikyu (Teshigahara)
Rising Tide (Todd)
Ritual in Transfigured Time (Deren)
The River (Renoir)
The River (Tsai)
A River Called Titas (Ghatak)
The Road (Omirbaev)
Road to Guantanamo (Winterbottom and Whitecross)
Robots of Sodom (Kalin)
Rocco and His Brothers (Visconti)
The Rolling Family (Trapero)
Romances de terre et d'eau (Duret and Santana)
Romeo and Juliette in the Village (Trommer and Schmidely)
Rooster's Breakfast (Nabersnik)
Rosetta (Dardenne)
Rostov-Luanda (Sissako)
The Round-Up (Jancsó)
The Runner (Naderi)
Russian Ark (Sokurov)
Ryna (Zenide)



Sacred Places (Téno)
The Sacrifice (Tarkovsky)
Saints and Sinners (Honor and Vizinberg)
Sakura-tai Chiru (Shindo)
Une Sale histoire (Eustache)
Samba Traoré (Ouedraogo)
Le Samourai (Melville)
Samurai Rebellion (Kobayashi)
The Sandwich Man: The Son's Big Doll (Hou)
Sanpeet (Petitto, Pizianti, and Pulcini)
Sansho the Bailiff (Mizoguchi)
Sans soleil (Marker)
Santa Claus Has Blue Eyes (Eustache)
Saraband (Bergman)
Sarabande (Dorsky)
Saratan (Abdyshaparov)
Sari's Mother (Longley)
Sari Soldiers (Bridgham)
Sátántangó (Tarr)
Savage Innocence (Garrel)
Schwechater (Kubelka)
Seagulls Are Dying in the Harbor (Verhavert, Michiels and Kuypers)
Séance (K. Kurosawa)
The Second Circle (Sokurov)
Un Secret (Miller)
Secrets and Lies (Leigh)
Secret History of the Dividing Line (Gatten)
Seduced and Abandoned (Germi)
Les Sentiments (Lvovsky)
Seoul Train (Butterworth, Lubarsky, and Sleeth)
Seppuku (Kobayashi)
Septiembres (Bosch)
Serbis (Mendoza)
Seven Beauties (Wertmüller)
Seven Samurai (A. Kurosawa)
Seventeen (DeMott and Kreines)
The Seventh Continent (Haneke)
The Seventh Day (Saura)
Seventh Heaven (Jacquot)
Sex, Okra and Salted Butter (Haroun)
Sexperiencias (Nunes)
Shadow Kill (Gopalakrishnan)
Shadows in Paradise (Kaurismäki)
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Paradjanov)
Shall We Kiss? (Mouret)
Shanghai Dreams (Wang)
Shanghai Panic (Cheng)
She Spent So Many Hours Under the Sun Lamps (Garrel)
Shoeshine (De Sica)
A Short Film About Love (Kieslowski)
The Sicilian Girl (Amenta)
Le Silence (Miret)
The Silence (Bergman)
The Silence of the Sea (Melville)
Silent Light (Reygadas)
Since Otar Left (Bertucelli)
The Singer (Giannoli)
Single Beds Vol. 1 Desolation (Cuevas)
Sink or Swim (Friedrich)
Sirène (Servais)
Sisters of the Gion (Mizoguchi)
The Sixth Sense (Sobrevila and Fernández Ardavín)
The Sky Crawlers (Oshii)
The Sky Turns (Álvarez)
Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine (Farmanara)
Solaris (Tarkovsky)
Solitary Fragments (Rosales)
Sombre (Grandrieux)
Something Like Happiness (Slama)
The Son (Dardenne)
Sonata for Hitler (Sokurov)
Song of the Scarlet Flower (Tulio)
Souha Randa (Sabag)
Sound and Fury (Brisseau)
Source (Marecek and Skalsky)
A South African Love Story - Walter and Albertine Sisulu (Strasburg)
Spare Parts (Kozole)
Speaking Parts (Egoyan)
The Spirit of the Beehive (Erice)
Springtime in a Small Town (Tian)
Springtime: Three Portraits (van der Keuken)
Ssitkim: Talking to the Dead (Yoo)
Stalker (Tarkovsky)
A Star Athlete (Shimizu)
State of Fear (Yates, de Onís and Kinoy)
State of Weightlessness (Drygas)
Stavisky (Resnais)
Still Life (Farocki)
Still Life (Jia)
Still Life (Mandansky)
The Stilts (Saura)
Story of a Beautiful Country (Matabane)
The Story of a Cheat (Guitry)
The Story of Marie and Julien (Rivette)
The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum (Mizoguchi)
The Story of Women (Chabrol)
La Strada (Fellini)
A Straightforward Boy (Ozu)
Stranded in Canton (Eggleston)
The Strange Case of Angelica (de Oliveira)
Strange Culture (Leeson)
The Stranger (Ray)
Stranger Comes to Town (Goss)
The Strange Tale of Oyuki (Shindo)
Street of Shame (Mizoguchi)
Strongman Ferdinand (Kluge)
Suicide (Silver)
Subaranekha (Ghatak)
Summer 04 (Krohmer)
Summer Palace (Lou)
The Sun (Sokurov)
Sunrise (Murnau)
The Sun's Burial (Oshima)
El Sur (Erice)
Sure Fire (Jost)
The Suspended Step of the Stork (Angelopoulos)
The Sweet Hereafter (Egoyan)
Sweetgrass (Barbash and Castaing-Taylor)
Sweet Rush (Wajda)
Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons (Breer)
Syndromes and a Century (Weerasethakul)



Tachigui: The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters (Oshii)
Tahader Katha (Dasgupta)
Take My Eyes (Bollaín)
A Tale of Cinema (Hong)
Tarrafal (Costa)
A Taste of Cherry (Kiarostami)
A Taste of Honey (Richardson)
Teen Kanya (Ray)
Ten (Kiarostami)
Ten Minutes Older: The Cello
The Tenth District Court: Moments of Trial (Depardon)
Teranga Blues (Sene Absa)
La Terra Trema (Visconti)
That Day (Ruiz)
That Happy Couple (Bardem and Berlanga)
Thème Je (Romand)
There Was a Father (Ozu)
There Was an Unseen Cloud Moving (Thornton)
These Encounters of Theirs (Straub and Huillet)
The Third Generation (Fassbinder)
The Third Page (Demirkubuz)
This Charming Girl (Lee)
Three Brothers (Rosi)
Three Colors: Blue, White, Red (Kieslowski)
Three Lives and Only One Death (Ruiz)
Three Times (Hou)
Through a Glass Darkly (Bergman)
Through the Olive Trees (Kiarostami)
Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets (Terayama)
Ticket of No Return (Ottinger)
Tierra (Medem)
The Ties That Bind (Friedrich)
The Tiger's Tail (Boorman)
Tilaï (Ouedraogo)
Time (Kim)

Time of the Gypsies (Kusturica)
Time of the Wolf (Haneke)
The Time to Live and the Time to Die (Hou)
Tintin and I (Østergaard)
Tirante El Blanco (Aranda)
Toi, Waguih (Messeeh)
Tokyo Sonata (K. Kurosawa)
Tokyo Story (Ozu)
La Tombola (Cuevas)
Tom Jones (Richardson)
Tomorrow We Move (Akerman)
Too Much Norway (Denstag and Endresen)
Torero (Velo)
To Speak or Not to Speak (Servais)
Total Denial (Kaneva)
Les Tournesols (Lowder)
Toutes les nuits (Green)
Toute une nuit (Akerman)
A Town of Love and Hope (Oshima)
The Train (Frita)
Traumatograph (Gioli)
The Travelling Players (Angelopoulos)
Tree Without Leaves (Shindo)
Tren de sombras (Guerín)
Trial of Joan of Arc (Bresson)
A Trip to the Louvre x2 (Straub and Huillet)
Truth and Poetry (Kubelka)
Tulpan (Dvortsevoy)
The Tuner (Muratova)
Twenty-Four Eyes (Kinoshita)
Twentynine Palms (Dumont)
Twilight's Last Gleaming (Aldrich)
Two or Three Things I Know About Her (Godard)
tx-transform (Widrich)



U-Carmen eKhayelitsha (Dornford-May)
Ugetsu (Mizoguchi)
Umberto D. (de Sica)
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Demy)
Umut (Güney/Gören)
Una de dos (Hernán Taube)
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Weerasethakul)
Underground (Kusturica)
Under the Sun of Satan (Pialat)
An Unfinished Piece for a Player Piano (Mikhalkov)
Unknown Pleasures (Jia)
Until the End of the World (Wenders)
Untouched by the West (Depardon)
Utamaro and His Five Women (Mizoguchi)
Uttara (Dasgupta)



Vacas (Medem)
Vagabond (Varda)
Valley of Peace (Stiglic)
Vampyr (Dreyer)
VB51 (Vanessa Beecroft)
Vengeance is Mine (Imamura)
Vera Drake (Leigh)
Versailles (Schöller)
Vers le sud (Cantet)
Vesna (Cáp)
Victor... Before It's Too Late (Veysett)
Videoletters (Rejger and van den Broek)
La Vie des morts (Desplechin)
La Vie moderne (Depardon)
La Vie nouvelle (Grandrieux)

Villa Amalia (Jacquot)
Vincere (Bellocchio)
The Virgin Spring (Bergman)
Vincent, François, Paul and the Others (Sautet)
Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors (Hong)
Violence at Noon (Oshima)
The Violin (Vargas)
Vive l'amour (Tsai)
Vivisect (Gajicki)
Volto sorpreso al buio (Gioli)
Volver (Almodóvar)
Voyage in Italy (Rossellini)
Voyage to Cythera (Angelopoulos)
Voyage to the Beginning of the World (Oliveira)
Voyage to Nowhere(Fernán Gómez)



Waiting for Valdez (Phakathi)
The Waiting Room (Demirkubuz)
Walk Cheerfully (Ozu)
Wall (Bitton)
War at a Distance (Farocki)
Washed Ashore (Geyrhalter)
The Watchman (Aidkuluev)
The Way South (van der Keuken)
The Wayward Cloud (Tsai)
The Wayward Girl (Carlmar)
The Way You Wanted Me (Tulio)
Weekend Stories (Zanussi)
Welcome to Destination Shanghai (Cheng)
Werckmeister Harmonies (Tarr)
Wife! Be Like a Rose! (Naruse)
What Did the Lady Forget? (Ozu)
What the Eye Doesn't See (Lombardi)
What Time is it There? (Tsai)
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (Naruse)
When Father Was Away on Business (Kusturica)
When the Sea Rises... (Moreau)
Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie? (Costa)
White (Three Colors: White) (Kieslowski)
White Material (Denis)
The White Ribbon (Haneke)
Wild Blue, Notes for Several Voices (Knauff)
Wild Strawberries (Bergman)
The Wind Will Carry Us (Kiarostami)
Wings of Desire (Wenders)
Winter (Dorsky)
Winter Light (Bergman)
With a Little Help from Myself (Dupeyron)
Without Anesthesia (Wajda)
Wolfsbergen (Leopold)
The Woman Alone (Frita)
A Woman in Berlin (Färberböck)
Woman in the Dunes (Teshigahara)
The Woman Next Door (Truffaut)
Woman of the Mist (Gosho)
A Woman of Tokyo (Ozu)
Woman on the Beach (Hong)
A Woman Under the Influence (Cassavetes)
A Wonderful World (Estrada)
Workers Leaving the Factory (Farocki)
Workingman's Death (Glawogger)
Work in Progress (Guerín)
The World (Jia)
The World's Greatest Sinner (Carey)
World of Apu (Ray)
The Wound (Klotz)



Xala (Sembene)
Xich lo (Tran)



Yesterday Girl (Anita G.) (Kluge)
Yol (Güney/Gören)
Young Adam (Mackenzie)